Academie Du Vin Library

What brands do you associate with? The Wineglitz India Academy proudly associates itself with is the prestigious brand : Academie Du Vin Library. If you are a wine lover then most likely you would have heard about Steven Spurrier. He was the one who in 1976, organised a blind wine tasting competition in Paris knownContinue reading “Academie Du Vin Library”

But First Champagne

What are you doing this evening? It’s Wednesday and honestly speaking I have not particularly planned anything for the evening. Today’s Prompt though has got me thinking. With a brief mid week introspection, I’ve now decided to do the following three things this evening. Evening Walk Although going for an stroll in the evening isContinue reading “But First Champagne”

Eat Pray Love and Sprinkle of Wine

Describe your ideal week. Today’s prompt comes at a time when I’m at the proverbial cross roads wherein I retire in a few weeks and enter another fascinating phase of the life’s journey. This puts me in an position of advantage from where I can, not only describe my idea of an ideal week butContinue reading “Eat Pray Love and Sprinkle of Wine”

The Lost Kingdom of Wine

CHAPTER I Deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, a group of adventurous trekkers embarked on a journey of exploration. Little did they know, their path would lead them to an extraordinary discovery—the lost Kingdom of Wine. They walked almost continuously for three days taking short intermittent halts. On the fourth day as eveningContinue reading “The Lost Kingdom of Wine”

Academie Du Vin Library

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