But First Champagne

What are you doing this evening? It’s Wednesday and honestly speaking I have not particularly planned anything for the evening. Today’s Prompt though has got me thinking. With a brief mid week introspection, I’ve now decided to do the following three things this evening. Evening Walk Although going for an stroll in the evening isContinue reading “But First Champagne”

The Irrelevant ‘Bubbly’

If you had to give up one word that you use regularly, what would it be? “All champagne is sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wine is champagne” – if you like wine then most likely you have come across this phrase. The reason for this is that sparkling wine can only be called champagneContinue reading “The Irrelevant ‘Bubbly’”

Champagne with Chicago Hotdog

How to Marry a Millionaire (1953) is a Marilyn Monroe movie about three fortune-hunting models who pool in their resources to rent out a swanky apartment (at $1000/month) in the hopes of snagging rich husbands. Over a lunch of hot dogs and champagne, the trio sit on the terrace and scheme.. Feature post courtesy- easystarlet.comContinue reading “Champagne with Chicago Hotdog”

A champagne with notes of Indian spices

Reading through the review of the single-parcelled grower champagne by Megan Nunn on facebook sometime back, I happened to read about how she noticed the notes of Indian Spices in a champagne she tasted. Megan is a devoted enthusiast of small grower champagne houses with a keen interest in their wines, regions, cuisines and cultureContinue reading “A champagne with notes of Indian spices”

Champagne Pewter Buckets and Bowls

The shared 1:38 minutes YouTube clip is based on the James Bond signature music score…tanan tan nan…always hauntingly melodious, isn’t it ? Only that here it isnt from a Bond movie but rather it’s a showcase of a champagne bottle case made of Pewter. Now this isnt a promotion post so I’m not writing brandContinue reading “Champagne Pewter Buckets and Bowls”


Turn of the previous century or more precisely from 1870s to start of WW1 were heady times in France. It was peak of industrial revolution, economic prosperity and peace. Eiffel Tower was inaugurated, streets and homes had incandescent light bulbs, Wright Brothers flew their first successful flight. It were days of celebration too. Films, MoulinContinue reading “EMERGENCE OF ADVERTISEMENT AS A MARKETING TOOL FOR CHAMPAGNE”