La Degustation Visuelle

Who are your favorite artists?

I first came across Caroline Brun through my Facebook page called as The Champagne Trails and soon realised that her life and work epitomises amalgamation of two of my main interests – Art and Champagne. The fact that my page is on the topic of champagne itself, further sparked my curiosity about her.

Caroline is a champagne ambassador and a painter. And she is one of my favorite artists.

She was born in an illustrious champagne family in Ay-Champagne. In her own words:

“My Grand-father founded Champagne René BRUN, my great uncle, Champagne Edouard BRUN, and my father Champagne Roger BRUN”.

La Disgustation Visuelle

The above title which means The Visual Tasting aptly describes her style of work. Caroline’s oeuvre is that she paints the tasting notes of champagne.

Growing up and later working in and around champagne took her extensively to the vineyards, wineries and even to the underground chalky cellars. And doing this over the years ingrained her with the very spirit of champagne.

It is exactly this spirit that she is able to translate into her art work. Every bottle of champagne has its own texture, tension and intensity which gets reflected in her paintings beautifully and convincingly.

Although I have yet to see any one of her paintings but I can imagine magic she’s able to create on the canvas as is evident from some of her works above.

Besides her, some of the other artists I like are Claude Monet and Renoir, both of whom were prolific painters in their own style.

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