Have you tried making YouTube Shorts ?

What is your favorite hobby or pastime?

These days my favourite pastime is watching and making YouTube Shorts. Here’s one which I published recently:

There no end to being creative on YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are short-form videos up to 60 seconds long which can be made and posted on YouTube. Somewhat akin to Reels on Instagram, Facebook etc, this format of short YouTube videos is quite popular nowadays.

Channel Much before this feature was introduced, I had already started my YouTube Channel. But I realised that not many people were watching the long form wine videos which I was uploading there, which was evident from limited number of views. So I did not pursue this much.

Curious Again When YouTube started the short video feature called as Shorts, it caught my attention again. I made and posted some short videos mainly by hit and trial method. However, these too didn’t garner much attention and views.

Tools & Techniques Somehow it struck to me that I need to learn more about how to use this new feature. And after some research, I realised that YouTube provides a lot of inbuilt tools to create good short videos. In addition, certain techniques like using apt keywords, proper title and descriptions, etc are also required to be used.

Snapshot of my YouTube Shorts page

YT Studio To my surprise I also learned that besides the primary YouTube App, there is another App by the name of YT Studio, which facilitates correct formatting of content prior to posting.

Analytics YT Studio also provides a detailed analysis on the published shorts, which besides giving a plethora of data inputs, also helped me to know things like the best time in the day to post my shorts as also the days in the week when I get maximum views.

Not Getting Viral Soon I got the hang of it and my YouTube Shorts started getting noticed and garnering a lot of views, however these were still nowhere near to getting viral.

Story Telling With further experimentation, I started creating shorts around micro stories. Though this stretched the limits of my creativity but proved to be a success since the viewership increased exponentially.

Content Is The King Tools, techniques and tricks apart, what I have come to realise is that it’s the quality of your content that matters the most. Make original and interesting shorts and these will surely be appreciated.

Favourite Pastime YouTube Shorts provides a limitless scope of expressing my creativity which is both challenging and exciting. Creating short videos which convey my wine passion to the world in a story form is what interests me the most.

Get Cracking So if the journey of how I mastered the art creating short form videos excites you too then I strongly recommend that you check out the YouTube Shorts feature and start creating and publishing your content there. A lot of inspiration material you will find in your own posts already published on WordPress. Cheers !!

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