Champagne with Chicago Hotdog

How to Marry a Millionaire (1953) is a Marilyn Monroe movie about three fortune-hunting models who pool in their resources to rent out a swanky apartment (at $1000/month) in the hopes of snagging rich husbands. Over a lunch of hot dogs and champagne, the trio sit on the terrace and scheme.. Feature post courtesy- easystarlet.comContinue reading “Champagne with Chicago Hotdog”

A champagne with notes of Indian spices

Reading through the review of the single-parcelled grower champagne by Megan Nunn on facebook sometime back, I happened to read about how she noticed the notes of Indian Spices in a champagne she tasted. Megan is a devoted enthusiast of small grower champagne houses with a keen interest in their wines, regions, cuisines and cultureContinue reading “A champagne with notes of Indian spices”