Champagne with Chicago Hotdog

How to Marry a Millionaire (1953) is a Marilyn Monroe movie about three fortune-hunting models who pool in their resources to rent out a swanky apartment (at $1000/month) in the hopes of snagging rich husbands. Over a lunch of hot dogs and champagne, the trio sit on the terrace and scheme..

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Chicago Hotdog

Pour a flute of Champagne with a Chicago-style hot dog for an irreverent pairing. The Chicago-style dog came into vogue during the first American Depression with street vendors selling the hot dogs for a nickel. The base of the hot dog is a steamed poppy-seed bun, with an all-beef hot dog nestled inside and “run through the garden” in diner-speak, with add-on’s of yellow mustard, relish, tomato wedges, chopped onions, a kosher pickle spear, sport peppers and a dash of celery salt. But no ketchup – that is the litmus test of a true Chicago-style hot dog lover. Wine Harlots say Champagne is a perfect pairing, as Champagne’s soft citrus notes, effervesce, minerality and acid profile work beautifully to unite the disparate (but delicious!) ingredients in this meal. Be chic. Be fun. Be playful in your pairings. Tell us. What’s the most daring pairing for your Champagne?

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