Pairing : of sumptuous food with delicious wines

What is a word you feel that too many people use?

In the world of wines, the one word which I feel too many people used is Pairing. It implies pairing of wine with food.

Pair red wine with red meat, white wine with white meat. Or mild food with mild wines and big foods with big wines – these are some of cliched yet well established suggestions for a good pairing.

While the excessive stress on pairing right wines with right food does put an academic pressure on the simple pleasures of consuming wine with food however, there are times, when you come across a cuisine, which either introduces you for the first time, to the much aclaimed thrill of a good ‘food – wine’ pairing or reinforces your belief in the same.

Here’s one such example as seen in the photo shared above.The Italian dish in the frame is named ‘Tomino’ and is ‘Greek cheese & sauteed mushrooms over toasted bread in white truffle oil’ paired with a Prosecco (a sparkling wine from Italy – sometimes casually (albeit incorrectly) also termed as an ‘Italian Champagne’ by laymen.

The light and delicate Bubbly (another way of naming a Sparkling Wine) with its refreshing Acidity (marked by a watery rush on sides of the mouth after a sipping) balances the greasy mushrooms & cheese and in the process accentuates the flavours of the dish multi folds.

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