Vineyard Pressure Bombs

One of these methods to improve the quality of vines in a vineyard is by using regulated deficit irrigation technique. It implies purposely withholding the water supply to the vine in order to subject it to a stress, so as to induce favorable physiological changes. But then how do you find out the level of stress so created in the vine ? This is achieved by means of a vineyard equipment called as The Pressure Bomb, which allows to monitor the stress level in a vine at any particular moment. This helps in ascertaining the appropriate time at which the vine should be irritated.

Drip Irrigation helps in a controlled water supply to the vines

Initially when the vines have just been planted, it is subjected to minimal stress levels by keeping them irrigated. But once established, these are subjected to deficit irrigation to manage canopy growth as also to improve the fruit quality.

Pressure Bomb (or Chamber) helps in monitoring stress level in a vine. Image : Flora Pulse

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