Three Jobs in the Wine Industry

List three jobs you’d consider pursuing if money didn’t matter. Wine Educator Having become knowledgeable in the subject of wines, I would like to be a wine educator to further spread wine knowledge and educate those who have a similar interest in wines. Viticulture Expert I would like to be a viticulture expert providing requisiteContinue reading “Three Jobs in the Wine Industry”

Do we only have 60 harvests left?

Which topics would you like to be more informed about? In a recent webinar hosted by the Wine Scholar Guild on the topic of climate change, Michelle Bouffard DipWSET brought out that there are only 60 Harvests left with us. On broader level this means that the soil on our planet will last only forContinue reading “Do we only have 60 harvests left?”

Vineyard Pressure Bombs

One of these methods to improve the quality of vines in a vineyard is by using regulated deficit irrigation technique. It implies purposely withholding the water supply to the vine in order to subject it to a stress, so as to induce favorable physiological changes. But then how do you find out the level ofContinue reading “Vineyard Pressure Bombs”

Story of Ariana – the Sommelier from Future who saved the Earth’s Vineyards

In the year 2070, the world had changed drastically. The effects of climate change had taken their toll, and the wine industry had been almost completely wiped out. The few remaining vineyards struggled to produce even mediocre wines. But there was one sommelier who refused to give up hope. Her name was Ariana, and sheContinue reading “Story of Ariana – the Sommelier from Future who saved the Earth’s Vineyards”