Latest Trends In World Of Wines

What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it? The last time I searched something online was yesterday when I googled for Latest trends in wine. I was looking for this since I wanted to create a social media video or a listicle based on this topic. Here areContinue reading “Latest Trends In World Of Wines”

Story of Ariana – the Sommelier from Future who saved the Earth’s Vineyards

In the year 2070, the world had changed drastically. The effects of climate change had taken their toll, and the wine industry had been almost completely wiped out. The few remaining vineyards struggled to produce even mediocre wines. But there was one sommelier who refused to give up hope. Her name was Ariana, and sheContinue reading “Story of Ariana – the Sommelier from Future who saved the Earth’s Vineyards”

Sustainability in winemaking

At first there was purely natural wine – from the grapes picked and left overnight in a tumbler which got fermented by the natural yeast present on grape skins. Maybe this produced enough wine for consumption by a man and his family. But then may be driven by greed or sensing profit making, he plannedContinue reading “Sustainability in winemaking”