Latest Trends In World Of Wines

What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it?

The last time I searched something online was yesterday when I googled for Latest trends in wine. I was looking for this since I wanted to create a social media video or a listicle based on this topic. Here are the two latest trends which I found relevant.

1. Sustainability The terms like sustainability, reducing carbon emissions, mitigating effects of climate change etc are widely known in the society nowadays.Consumers are aware of such environmental concerns and want to buy wine from brands who have aligned their winemaking with sustainable features.

Trend of promoting bee culture in vineyards is on the rise as a measure towards sustainability – happy bees means happy vines.

2. Revival of Indigenous Grapes The adverse effects of climate change has brought into focus the need to identify and revive the indigenous grape varietals which are native to a particular wine region, since these are found to be more resilient and sturdy. Wine house like Familia Torres , has been doing a noteworthy work in this field since a long time now with favourable results.

These are just two emerging wine trends which I found pertinent to mention. The winds of change, however subtle, are surely affecting the international wine industry and we can hope to see many more such trends in near future.

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