Winemaking Activity

An array of winemaking activities – from vineyard to bottling to tasting at Grover Zampa Vineyards

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A family visit to Grover Zampa Vineyards, Nandi Hills

If you are a wine person and you happen to be in Bangalore, India then a visit to Grover Zampa Vineyards (GZV) becomes a foregone conclusion. Unlock 3.0 provided one such opportunity which I utilised to put together a family sojourn to this renowned winery and its vineyards. Here I endeavour to record some of […]

Wine and Art

The Wedding Feast at Cana

The Wedding Feast at Cana (1563), by the Italian artist Paolo Veronese is about the biblical story of the Marriage at Cana. It depicts Mary, her son Jesus and some of his apostles attending a wedding in Cana, a city in Galilee. In the course of the wedding banquet, the supply of wine becomes depleted. At Mary’s request, Jesus commands the […]


Cold Soak in Winemaking

As we know, during making of a red wine, the grapes picked from the vines are crushed to form a ‘Must’. This is followed by addition of Yeast to make wine by the process called as Fermentation. Often winemakers add a pre-fermantation stage too by means of a “Cold Soak”. Pioneered by the famed innovator […]