How To Taste Wine

What skill would you like to learn? Disclaimer With about ten years of wine experience, I’m not a novice when it comes to wine tasting. I’ve studied it and can write notes of a wine tasting reasonably well sans identifying 20 aromas in one sniff though. To Taste Or Not To Taste There is aContinue reading “How To Taste Wine”

A bad wine will teach you a lot

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? When I had just begun following wines as a passion, I used to seek advise from a lot of people who were knowledgeable about it. Over a period of time I found such advice very helpfully in my wine journey. In this context the best pieceContinue reading “A bad wine will teach you a lot”

Holidays with family

How do you celebrate holidays? I celebrate my holidays on outings with family which revolve around travel, heritage and wine. Sometimes these are also staycations. Here are a few snippets. Andaman and Nicobar Islands Chikmagalur in Southern India Hampi – the lost civilisation Wine dinner at Bangalore Wine tasting at an urban winery No holidayContinue reading “Holidays with family”

La Bataille des Vins

The Battle of the Wines (French- La Bataille des Vins), sometimes also called as ‘The Battle of the Blends’ was a notable poem written by Henry d’Andeli in 1224 and tells the story of a famous Wine tasting organized by the French king Philip Augustus. Over 70 samples from France and across Europe, including Cyprus,Continue reading “La Bataille des Vins”


As we progress in our wine journey, broader understanding tends to break into multiple layers, and this is where it gets both challenging and interesting. To illustrate, lets talk about the difference between ‘Appreciating a Wine’ and ‘Judging a Wine’. Many wine schools teach about the structured manner to appreciate a wine which primarily impliesContinue reading “HOW TO EVALUATE QUALITY OF WINE”