Writing as a means of creativity

Prompt: What brings you peace?

Answer: Writing brings me peace

Creativity is expressed in many forms. It can be an art form like acting, theatre or even singing, dancing etc. Although I too have a variety of interests in creative fields however, for me it’s best expressed through the medium of writing.

And over the years this has led me to write articles, research posts, write ups for media/ magazines etc, but what I relish the most is writing blog posts on my favourite subject of wines.

In this context let me share what I wrote earlier in the day today, which materialised by a trigger from something I read. It’s titled as below:

Everything is more real now

The inspiration for this post including the title comes from an audio summary of the book titled Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuck where the narrator brings out as to how everything is more real now a days as compared to say 20 – 30 years back. For example, the celebrities of that bygone era maintained their aura by being aloof from general public. In those times such elusiveness added to their charisma.

Fast fast forward to this millennium, things have changed with the same celebrities interacting with and engaging their followers actively on social media. The element of mystery is now gone from their lifestyle.

As a wine enthusiast, this forced me to relate this phenomenon to the world of wines, where such openness has also set in. About three decades ago, information on say a Grand Cru Burgundy wine would have been much scarce to find. Maybe this elusiveness added to their charm (and price too).

Not any longer. These days detailed information on any wine is available on various Apps on our mobile phones. Some like Krug Champagne House have all the relevant details pasted in form of a bar code on the wine bottle itself.

Coming the the moot point, has such easy availability of information about wines affected their popularity?

My personal experience says it’s not so. If anything, easy availability of information on wines has only sparked interest of people on a much larger scale, and I include myself in that.

In today’s digitally connected world, the flow of knowledge is easy and seamless. This provides ample opportunity, not only to know details of wines you want to buy, but also to learn about the wines as a subject quite easily.

And as the knowledge and awareness about wines increases, it becomes incumbent on the wine industry to open up and be transparent in all aspects of wine production, from vineyards to the bottle.

And this certainly fares well, both with consumers as well as all other stakeholders in the wine ecosystem.

What are your views on this? Do share your thoughts.

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