The Renegade Winemaker

What profession do you admire most and why?

As a wine enthusiast, the profession I admire the most is that of a winemaker.

And as for Why I do so, read on..

It’s my belief that magic happens two times on the journey of a wine. First time is in the fermentation tank where yeast eats up the sugar in the grape must and voila .. we get wine.. if that isn’t magic then nothing is.

The second time is when you pour the wine in the glass and give it a swirl. This motion allows oxygen to mix with the wine which then releases its wonderful aromas which give you a pleasurable smell once you bring your nose closer to the glass. It’s again a magical moment.

And for all this magic, as also for the quality of wine being produced, the person responsible is the winemaker. He is someone who always has a challenging task at hand, to use his knowledge and skills to produce a wine which is of an excellent quality and consistent with the wine style of the wine house. Not a easy job by any means.

And sometimes he is also the harbinger of change, like Domenico Clerico, a winemaker who played an important role in revolutionising the winemaking in Piedmont region of North Italy.

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Here’s his story…

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    1. Thanks Priti. I agree with you, teaching is the noble profession. However, winemakers too have be teachers at times, like when they are teaching the techniques of making wine to apprentices, interns at the winery or even at a Food – Wine Event.

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