Eat Pray Love and Sprinkle of Wine

Describe your ideal week.

Today’s prompt comes at a time when I’m at the proverbial cross roads wherein I retire in a few weeks and enter another fascinating phase of the life’s journey. This puts me in an position of advantage from where I can, not only describe my idea of an ideal week but also pursue it in full earnest. And that makes it so exciting.

In days to come, I imagine a life full of creativity. Work shall be non linear (means not bound in a 9 to 5 mode). Activities around wine would surely be the main pursuits, since it is my passion.

If I really put it to paper then my ideal week would include a majority of the following:

Work on something which brings in not only material benefits and money but also leads to happiness. If it can be something related to wines, all the more better.

Reading It is something I should be able to do regularly on each day of the week both on wine and other topics. Fiction, non fiction, magazines, blogposts et al.

Wine Writing Again as a daily activity, to pen my thoughts on my experiences and passions, be it writing a blogpost, a research paper or in a longer perspective a wine book.

Wine Movies / Documentaries Daily. Be it movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos or documentaries on Curiosity App and Wine Masters TV etc.

Podcasts A few times in a week I would listen to selected podcasts. Some of good ones are The Wine Conversation, GuildSomm Podcast, Jasper Morris Inside Burgundy to name a few. With time I even should do my own podcast atleast once in a week.

Audiobooks Listen to some good Audiobooks daily. Apps like Headway makes this quite convenient.

Family time Weekends have to be outings with wife and son, mostly over good food and fine wine at a comfortable restaurant or club.

Travel to beautiful vineyards both in India and abroad. Frankly this can not be done every week but since we are talking about my ideal week (and there’s no embargo) so I have to include this. Tuscany, here we come !!

So I said it all and it packs the week well. Now I’m ready for reading what all of you have written about your ideal week. Have a great day.

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Wines, Real Estate and Art are three things which I’m passionate about. A Masters degree in Real Estate Management and a WSET Level 3 in wines help me in this journey.

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