Pursuing my Wine Passion

What motivates you? Today’s prompt is just three words “What motivates you” however it’s the most difficult one for me till now. Here are my thoughts on this. Sometimes I feel that motivation naturally comes to humans. One can say that we are inherently made up that way. I means imagine the world we liveContinue reading “Pursuing my Wine Passion”

My Top Ten Favourite Wine Movies

What are your top ten favorite movies? Preface Today’s prompt made me relive my wine journey so far, since watching wine movies/ documentaries has been a constant activity with me from the time I started pursuing my passion for wines. Cinematic Liberty Since we are talking movies so I too have indulged in a sprinkleContinue reading “My Top Ten Favourite Wine Movies”

The Joys of Creative Writing

What do you enjoy most about writing? It is said or rather I personally believe that you get pleasure out of writing something twice. Once it is when you finish writing it, which gives a feeling contentment and achievement. And the second time is when you read it yourself soon after you have completed writingContinue reading “The Joys of Creative Writing”

Aperol Spritz – An Instagram Friendly Cocktail

If you’re reading this post then it’s a given thing that you’re a writer too, sharing your posts here on WordPress as also elsewhere on social media etc. So we are in the same proverbial boat, as also are so many others of our tribe. And the one thing which we all pursue the mostContinue reading “Aperol Spritz – An Instagram Friendly Cocktail”

New Delhi – A Hub of Art, Wine and Culture

What do you love about where you live? What I love about my city New Delhi is that it is a hub of art, wine, and culture, with its vibrant galleries, rich artistic heritage, theatre amazing wine restaurants, bars and clubs. “I asked my soul, what is Delhi? She replied, the world is the bodyContinue reading “New Delhi – A Hub of Art, Wine and Culture”