A Memorable Wine Experience at Home

Interview someone — a friend, another blogger, your mother, the mailman — and write a post based on their responses. I was not confident that my better half would agree to the idea of being “interviewed” early in the morning and that too on the topic of wine. But when I explained her that it’sContinue reading “A Memorable Wine Experience at Home”

A Parmigiano Reggiano – Valpolicella Affair

While sorting out the home delivered groceries (lockdown skills), I happened to notice the Parmesan Parmigiano Reggiano cheese amongst some other goodies. It instantly kindled, in my budding culinary mind, a possibility of pairing a dish prepared this cheese with the Valpolicella wine which we brought home recently. A brief discussion (okay, it was aContinue reading “A Parmigiano Reggiano – Valpolicella Affair”