A Memorable Wine Experience at Home

Interview someone — a friend, another blogger, your mother, the mailman — and write a post based on their responses.

I was not confident that my better half would agree to the idea of being “interviewed” early in the morning and that too on the topic of wine. But when I explained her that it’s in response to a WordPress Prompt, she agreed.

I asked her to reminisce about her best experience around wine. Now she’s not a great fan of drinking wine, but she’s always supports my wine endeavours, especially the ones planned with family.

We talked about the the time when covid scare had receded and things got back to normal. It was July of 2020. The shopping malls had reopened and we visited one, duly wearing our face masks. I also exploited this opportunity to buy some wines to re-stock the bar at home.

Buying wines from La Cave Wine Shop at Saket Mall in New Delhi: July 2020

She remembered how, back home, after a brief discussion with me followed by a prompt internet research, she made a dish (more of a Hors d’oeuvres actually) called as the Parmesan-and Fennel Seed-Crusted Chicken Fritters.

Homemade Chicken Fritters with Wine
Ingredients which went into making of chicken fritters at home

The succulent fritters were paired with Cortiga Giara Valpolicella DOC which is a fruit driven wine with enticing aromas, from Northern Italy. It had a sharp acidity acidity which cut through the rich cheese thereby enhancing food- wine pairing flavors.

We later paired the same wine with chocolate too.

Valpolicella with chocolate

I end this post by expressing my gratitude to my spouse to have consented to this prompt based interview today, which has helped to relive some of the happy memories of a nice food and wine pairing at home.

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