The Wine Snob

What personality trait in people raises a red flag with you? When you get introduced to the world of wines, you usually get conversant with certain basics elements of wine. You learn about wine terms like Tannins, Acidity etc as also about things like how to hold a glass (from its stem), how to goContinue reading “The Wine Snob”

Eat Pray Love and Sprinkle of Wine

Describe your ideal week. Today’s prompt comes at a time when I’m at the proverbial cross roads wherein I retire in a few weeks and enter another fascinating phase of the life’s journey. This puts me in an position of advantage from where I can, not only describe my idea of an ideal week butContinue reading “Eat Pray Love and Sprinkle of Wine”

“The Flying Sikh” from India and a Jamaican Sprinter

Name the professional athletes you respect the most and why. My two all time favourite athletes whom I respect the most are 1. Milkha Singh – also known as the Flying Sikh from India and 2. Usain Bolt – one of fastest men on earth. Milkha Singh (1929 – 2021) also known as “The FlyingContinue reading ““The Flying Sikh” from India and a Jamaican Sprinter”