Indian Egg Curry Pasta with a Chilean Shiraz

I had kept the Shiraz in the cooler to be opened on the weekend – Friday to be precise. Today was egg curry for lunch. But getting impatient, I found myself opening the Shiraz and pouring in the glass. Initial whiff, sniff and a sip promised a wonderful wine. Impromptu decision next was to make a quick dish to go with it.

Egg curry pasta with Chilean Shiraz

It resulted in making of a pasta and at appropriate moment adding the tomatoes curry based egg curry to it. Luckily the usual pasta suspects – olive oil, cheese, oregano, garlic and cream gelled well with the egg curry which was with light kitchen spices.

It was a home culinary experiment which looked challenging, but one which proved to be successful in form of the resulting dish – Egg Curry Pasta, shall we call it. The icing on the cake was that this paired well with the Shiraz.

You may wonder that – “who drinks a red wine on a thursday afternoon ?”. Well there are no rules to that..even if there’s one, then exceptions are always there.

Frontera Shiraz The fertile lands of the Rapel Valley in Chile, give this Shiraz the intensity of flavor. Some Cabernet Sauvignon has also been added to create a well structured wine, rich in complexity and deep aromas. Sun, water and the whisper of mountain winds combine to form this generous wine which typifies the sophistication of the Central Valley.

Frontera Shiraz

Pairing Ideal to serve with red meat, cheese, dishes with curry (mild or medium) or with spicy meals, such Asian or Latin cuisine.

Chile Wine Region With its stunning, snowy mountains and beautiful beaches, Chile would be captivating even if it wasn’t turning out some of the most interesting and accessible wines in the world. Large producers like Concha y Toro have put Chile on the wine map with their complex yet value-driven wines.

Chile Central Valley Wine Region

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