Champagne Pewter Buckets and Bowls

The shared 1:38 minutes YouTube clip is based on the James Bond signature music score…tanan tan nan…always hauntingly melodious, isn’t it ?

Only that here it isnt from a Bond movie but rather it’s a showcase of a champagne bottle case made of Pewter. Now this isnt a promotion post so I’m not writing brand names etc (but for Bollinger which is obvious). But the Pewter based shiny champagne bottle vases surely kindled my interest mainly due to its finesse (and of course not to mention its price which goes into thousand of dollars..).

Champagne Buckets

These come in various shapes and sizes including champagne Bucket (for one bottle), Bowl (for many bottles), Wine Holder (for Champenois Still Wine maybe, don’t know whether Bollinger makes it or not, though) and even Spittoon (hey, but no one spits champagne..). There even is one for Candlelight incase you are into romantic dinners..).

Champagne Bowl

All these are made of Pewter with a suitable thickness to maintain coolness and ice inside the vases which will therefore “sweat” much less.

Bottle holder and Spitoon

The most renowned producers of such vases are in the Loire Valley in France especially around Anjou and Angers. Some of the most famous brands of the industry – Taittinger, Bollinger, Moet & Chandon etc use these.

For Candlelight champagne dinner

Pewter is an expensive metal alloy with 85-99% tin, with rest being copper and antimony. It has a low melting point and is strong, solid and heavy, but malleable at the same time, which allows unlimited creativity in shapes. Well made Pewter Champagne are truly pieces of art.

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