War Cry 🎸

What would your life be like without music?

Something like “life without music” does not happen in our home. Read on to find out why.

War Cry The title of this write up may not look like it’s a post about music, but it surely is. It is the name of the music band created by our son many years back. The genre of this band is Heavy Metal.

War Cry – the Heavy Metal Band

What is Heavy Metal? Wikipedia describes Heavy Metal as a genre of rock music that originated in late 1960s at UK and USA, and one which developed a thick, monumental sound characterized by distorted guitars, extended guitar solos, emphatic beats and loudness.

Metalhead A Metalhead is a fan or performer of metal music who associates himself with the metal culture. Though they also go with different names, including metalhead, headbanger, hesher, mosher, and thrasher however these Metal fans, like classical listeners, tend to be creative, gentle people, at ease with themselves.

Raising a Metal Head Metal music is typically loud and energetic. Our son has always preferred practising at home where our parental duty involves listening patiently to the vocals that are shouted or screamed as well as sung. It was surely challenging initially, but with time we started loving it.

Rusted Bullets The very first album released by the band is called Rusted Bullets and it garnered a lot of interest in heavy metal circles. War Cry performed it live and later they also released it on Spotify.

Listen on Spotify here: https://spotify.link/8ciE0J7tgDb

Accolades Start Pouring As typical Indian parents, we were apprehensive of the metal genre initially, but our thoughts were totally put at ease by a healthy recognition of the band’s talent. They even featured on Asian Age, which is a renowned newspaper publication.

War Cry featured on Asian Age

Live Performances Going from strength to strength this newly created band of youngsters performed live in many big cities of India with huge crowds watching them. Here are a few snippets.

You Will Always Be Remembered The Band faced tragic moments when they lost one of their lead guitarist and a founder member named Gaurav in a car accident a few years ago. Though he’s gone but War Cry always keeps his memories alive in their performances.

RIP Gaurav

Heavy Metal and Wine

Traditionally Beer has been the preferred choice of beverage in various international heavy metal music festivals. But ‘The Times They Are A-Changin’ – with wine increasingly being seen as a viable alternative.

As article in Wine Enthusiast highlights that although Heavy Metal and Wine seems to be an unlikely pair, however both are pushing against the status quo. Together they can break down barriers, which means more fun, and a brighter future for each.

Wineglitz and War Cry Will we see coming together of Wineglitz and War Cry for a collaboration? Hmm, that’s a million dollar question, up for discussion over a cool glass of red wine with the band leader. 🎸 🍷

Holidays with family

How do you celebrate holidays?

I celebrate my holidays on outings with family which revolve around travel, heritage and wine. Sometimes these are also staycations. Here are a few snippets.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Family wine picnic at the Andaman sea

Chikmagalur in Southern India

At the lake
Wine picnic

Hampi – the lost civilisation

Stone chariot which is imprinted on Indian currency INR 50 note

Wine dinner at Bangalore

A Chianti for a family of three please

Wine tasting at an urban winery

Family which tastes wine together stays together

No holiday is complete without the trip to Goa

Family holiday at Goa

Eagerly looking forward to reading your prompt posts also on how you all celebrate holidays. Cheers !!

Slit, Stuff and Bake

Write about your most epic baking or cooking fail.

Hasselback is a style that originated at a restaurant in Sweden called Restaurant Hasselbacken, where they made small lateral slits in a potato and stuffed them with bacon and cheese.

Hasselback Slits. Image: Google.

This unique dish, delicious to the core, soon garnered attention of food critics and became quite popular. These days many other things are also cut in Hasselback style like apples, radish and even chicken.

Hasselback Chicken. Image: Google.

Hasselback Chicken is made by making slits in the chicken breasts and stuffing these with ingredients of like spinach, cheese of choice, potato etc before keeping it inside the oven to bake.

Slit, Stuff and Bake To an amateur cook like me, this dish seemed quite easy to make. The thought of pairing it with a white wine was an added encouragement. And so I decided to give it a try. After all it’s just about a slit here and a stuff there before putting it into the oven, I reckoned.

Epic Culinary Disaster What came out of the oven was not not less than a culinary disaster. Although it was palatable, but not delicious as it seems in the pictures. Certainly not a decent pair with wine.

So that was the brief story of my most epic cooking and baking fail. But as Winston Churchill said “Failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts”. I’m surely going to give it a retry soon.

Would you drive home after wine dinner?

Share a lesson you wish you had learned earlier in life.

So you’re going for a lavish 5 Course Wine Dinner, one you’ve been looking forward to since a long time.

To drive or not to drive, is the question

You drive down to the venue in time, dressed impeccably. The first course starts with a customary glass of champagne and the flight of wines unfolds with a white or a rose wine followed by the red wines and even a Port or any other sweet wine to go with the dessert. A nice long dinner with plenty of food. You don’t feel drunk at all.

Now here’s the thing – should you drive back home or take a cab?

Before seeking the answer let’s do the maths. Each glass of wine served on the table was 150 ml. 5 courses makes it 5 glasses which is a whopping 150 x 5 ~ 750 ml. That makes it a full bottle of wine.

A wine dinner may have a flight of 5 to 6 wines

So just going by the maths, common sense and the legality of it all, you should not drive back and rather take a cab.

And that’s exactly the lesson I got after attending a couple of wine dinners and it is the one I wish I had learned earlier from my first wine event itself.

Now if I am going somewhere where I need to drink wine, then I either take a cab or get someone else to drive the car. And that’s my advise to you all too. Cheers !!

Homemade Food with Wines

What are your favorite types of foods?

My favourite types of foods are those which are made by my better half at home to go with wines from our home bar.

How it Started My growing liking for wines also introduced me to the concept of Food and Wine Pairing. I even had a proverbial eureka moment at an Italian Wine Dinner, where the cheesy sea bass matched so well with the paired Chardonnay that something immensely pleasurable clicked in my mind instantly.

Happens with Everyone I’m sure this happens with all wine enthusiasts in their oenological journey. Over a period of time all wine lovers become an ardent fans of good food and wine pairing.

The problem however is that such wine dinners do not happen very frequently. And frankly, ordering a wine paired meal at any decent restaurant can burn quite a hole in the pocket. This, along with some curiosity prompted us to try pairing wines with homemade food.

The very first dish we made at home to pair with wine was the one in the shared image below. You can also read about it here.

This simple oven baked bread (with olive oil sprinkling), brie cheese (in the bowl) alongwith grounded peanuts in a strawberry sauce (in the separate bowl), paired nicely with the Chilean Pinot Noir (though I would also recommend it with a white wine).

I’m Loving It After this we became quite regular at making wine friendly foods at home. Mostly it was with Italian foods like pizza, pasta, spaghetti etc, as also with quintessential Indian foods like mutton kebab and chicken tikka. And it was all so delicious 😋.

Here are few photos with explanatory captions.


Spaghetti and wine on the kitchen shelf


Homemade pizza with wine

Spaghetti Again

Spaghetti again with Australian wine


Attempting Homemade bruschetta with white wine

Chicken Fritters

Wine for two please with chicken fritters

Your’s Truly

Myself trying a hand at cooking

Mutton Kebab

Succulent Mutton kebabs with wine

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka with wine


Even trying chocolate with wine

One for the Beach Encouraged by some wonderful food and wine pairings above, we also got a bit adventurous and tried out some pairings at our wine picnic by the sea.

Spread laid out for the wine picnic

Towards end, i exhort all of you to also try out pairing dishes made at home with wines of your choice. And do not forget to share the recipes of the same. Cheers 🥂

Walk in the Vineyards

How often do you walk or run?

I walk quite a lot. There are days together when me and my wife go for the evening stroll. Often there are gaps in this walking routine too, but we try our best to be regular.

But today I will talk of a different kind of walk – one that I always look forward to. And that’s my walks in a vineyard, whenever I visit one. Here are my three such experiences.

Grover Zampa Vineyards

This was my very first visit to a vineyard where I was like the proverbial Child in a Candy Store (Collins describes this as: enjoying yourself far too much and not controlling your behaviour in any way). Here are the things which I noticed during my short walk here:

Apiary Just on entrance of the vineyard is an Apiary – which is a colony of artificial beehives. Bee culture is part of the bigger scheme to promote diversity in the vineyards. And Mr Manjunath, the viticulturist told me “Happy bees means happy vines”.

Bee culture in the vineyard

Rain Water Harvesting Again near the entrance itself during a side I found a huge artificial pond which stores rain water for recharging the ground water.

Rain water harvesting pond

Sloping Vineyard While walking through the vineyard I also noticed a gentle slope. This ensures proper air flow through the vine canopy, helps in soil drainage and provides an ease of working in amongst the vines.

Sloping vineyard

Big Banyan Vineyards

Vineyard Soil During the walk in this vineyard, it was for the first time that I actually picked up the soil in my hands to have a feel of it. Soil, as we know is one of main components of terroir.

Red soil of the vineyard

Shape of Leaves I also took this opportunity to have a close up look at the leaves of the vines. The one in picture is a leaf of Shiraz Grape. It has medium size 3 to 5 lobed leaves with short, sharp teeth. Resembles angle wings.

A healthy Shiraz vine leaf

Domaine Sula

Windmills The first thing I noticed on entering this vineyard were multiple medium size windmills. I couldn’t understand the exact utility of these except maybe to indicate wind direction. Notwithstanding they add a lot of beauty to the scenic vineyard.


Leaf Disease Diseases of various kinds are not new to vines and their leaves. On a closer look I noticed some diseased spots on some leaves.

Disease spots on vine leaf

KRSMA Vineyards

Roses at Edge of Vine Rows Roses were planted at the end of rows in this vineyard. These act as an early warning system against vineyard diseases. For example such rose attract insects like aphids before the vines. They also get fungal disease like black rot and mildew before the vines do thereby alerting the winegrowers about any impending onset of disease in their vineyards.

Roses at edge of rows of vines

Drip Irrigation Controlled Drip irrigation provides water to the vines at the right time when the they feels the maximum water stress. I saw that black flexible pipe running all along the bottom of the vines for this purpose.

Drip irrigation is done by means of horizontal flexible water pipes running along the bottom of the vines

Cover Crops Cover crops are planted between the rows of vines. They represent an alternative to chemical weeding and tillage. This technique is not new though, as the Romans were already using it 2000 years ago. It is considered a good viticultural practice with positive effects on soil.

Cover crops between rows of vines

For all other wine enthusiasts I have this advice. Before going for a vineyard visit make a list of things you would be looking for and then make a deliberate attempt to actually see and observe all of these. It would add immensely to your knowledge of viticulture.

Club Wineglitz

Do you see yourself as a leader?

Wineglitz is a multi faceted brand which encompasses various kind of activities related to wines. It’s first wine dinner was held in winters of 2019 at Delhi.

Club Wineglitz

The wine dinner which turned out to be a huge success, brought together passionate wine enthusiasts from different backgrounds, over some exceptional French wines.

There was so much of bonhomie and camaraderie generated that evening that it led all the guests to moot the idea of starting a wine club which would hold such wine gatherings regularly. And that’s how Club Wineglitz was created.

Since I was considered by all as the driving force for organising and conducting this wine event, so it became incumbent upon me to humbly accept the leadership of the newly formed wine club.

So quite humbly, I would not be wrong in saying that I’m the leader of a group of wine passionate members of the Club Wineglitz.


What’s your favorite word?

Today’s prompt is a beautiful coincidence. I just used my favourite word in yesterday’s story post on WordPress and today it’s asking about it.

Conviviality Yes, that’s my favourite word. And that’s also one of the reasons I love the wine culture since it’s all about conviviality.

More coincidence I just did a micro research on Internet to gather more insight on this word. To my surprise I found that conviviality is a major theme with the wines and spirits giant Pernod Ricard. So much so that in 2018 the company decided to make its corporate brand synonymous with its vision of conviviality.

We are all Convivialist To quote from the company’s magazine “Conviviality is the magic, the glue that binds us together, it allows us to meet our innate human need of connecting with one another”. I cannot agree more.

Wine promotes conviviality

Wine Promotes Conviviality Wine is a social lubricant which encourages human interaction. To illustrate, while attending a wine Soiree, although we may arrive as strangers to each other, but wine breaks the social barriers and creates a connect almost instantly. Wine has that quality to promote conviviality and camaraderie.

So cheers to more happy and convivial times. Do share your views too 🥂.