Achievement and Accolades

In what ways does hard work make you feel fulfilled? The hard work put in by me makes me feel fulfilled by the positive results it generates. Besides quantified results, such hard work done also fills me with a sense of achievement, happiness and pride on a job well done. Let me explain this withContinue reading “Achievement and Accolades”

From Novice to a Wine Connoisseur

What’s the trait you value most about yourself? Hard work has been the trait which I value most in myself. Glamour of Wines On face of it the wine industry seems to be a fun place to be. Things like Wine Soirées, Blind Tastings, Wine Movies etc add a lot of glamour it. Studying WinesContinue reading “From Novice to a Wine Connoisseur”

Three Jobs in the Wine Industry

List three jobs you’d consider pursuing if money didn’t matter. Wine Educator Having become knowledgeable in the subject of wines, I would like to be a wine educator to further spread wine knowledge and educate those who have a similar interest in wines. Viticulture Expert I would like to be a viticulture expert providing requisiteContinue reading “Three Jobs in the Wine Industry”

The Lost City and a Vineyard

What aspects of your cultural heritage are you most proud of or interested in? Heritage and Wines are two of my major interest in life and both these themes figure extensively in my blog as also in my social media posts and in discussions too. Both of these passions merged during our recent visit toContinue reading “The Lost City and a Vineyard”

Academie Du Vin Library

What brands do you associate with? The Wineglitz India Academy proudly associates itself with is the prestigious brand : Academie Du Vin Library. If you are a wine lover then most likely you would have heard about Steven Spurrier. He was the one who in 1976, organised a blind wine tasting competition in Paris knownContinue reading “Academie Du Vin Library”

Wine Education Courses

What could you do more of? As a student of wine I think I could do more of wine educative courses. My wine journey started sometime in later half of 2013. Before that I was conversant with wine as a alcoholic beverage but I was not actually studying it as a subject of interest. ComeContinue reading “Wine Education Courses”

A bad wine will teach you a lot

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? When I had just begun following wines as a passion, I used to seek advise from a lot of people who were knowledgeable about it. Over a period of time I found such advice very helpfully in my wine journey. In this context the best pieceContinue reading “A bad wine will teach you a lot”

An occasional glass of wine

What things give you energy? Interesting prompt which made me introspect. After due thought I feel that the things which give me energy are : Tea Each day kick starts with a cup of tea. Tea also fuels my mind during work. Nature Taking rays of the early morning sun on my face, feeling theContinue reading “An occasional glass of wine”

Do we only have 60 harvests left?

Which topics would you like to be more informed about? In a recent webinar hosted by the Wine Scholar Guild on the topic of climate change, Michelle Bouffard DipWSET brought out that there are only 60 Harvests left with us. On broader level this means that the soil on our planet will last only forContinue reading “Do we only have 60 harvests left?”