Would you drive home after wine dinner?

Share a lesson you wish you had learned earlier in life.

So you’re going for a lavish 5 Course Wine Dinner, one you’ve been looking forward to since a long time.

To drive or not to drive, is the question

You drive down to the venue in time, dressed impeccably. The first course starts with a customary glass of champagne and the flight of wines unfolds with a white or a rose wine followed by the red wines and even a Port or any other sweet wine to go with the dessert. A nice long dinner with plenty of food. You don’t feel drunk at all.

Now here’s the thing – should you drive back home or take a cab?

Before seeking the answer let’s do the maths. Each glass of wine served on the table was 150 ml. 5 courses makes it 5 glasses which is a whopping 150 x 5 ~ 750 ml. That makes it a full bottle of wine.

A wine dinner may have a flight of 5 to 6 wines

So just going by the maths, common sense and the legality of it all, you should not drive back and rather take a cab.

And that’s exactly the lesson I got after attending a couple of wine dinners and it is the one I wish I had learned earlier from my first wine event itself.

Now if I am going somewhere where I need to drink wine, then I either take a cab or get someone else to drive the car. And that’s my advise to you all too. Cheers !!

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