Homemade Food with Wines

What are your favorite types of foods?

My favourite types of foods are those which are made by my better half at home to go with wines from our home bar.

How it Started My growing liking for wines also introduced me to the concept of Food and Wine Pairing. I even had a proverbial eureka moment at an Italian Wine Dinner, where the cheesy sea bass matched so well with the paired Chardonnay that something immensely pleasurable clicked in my mind instantly.

Happens with Everyone Iā€™m sure this happens with all wine enthusiasts in their oenological journey. Over a period of time all wine lovers become an ardent fans of good food and wine pairing.

The problem however is that such wine dinners do not happen very frequently. And frankly, ordering a wine paired meal at any decent restaurant can burn quite a hole in the pocket. This, along with some curiosity prompted us to try pairing wines with homemade food.

The very first dish we made at home to pair with wine was the one in the shared image below. You can also read about it here.

This simple oven baked bread (with olive oil sprinkling), brie cheese (in the bowl) alongwith grounded peanuts in a strawberry sauce (in the separate bowl), paired nicely with the Chilean Pinot Noir (though I would also recommend it with a white wine).

Iā€™m Loving It After this we became quite regular at making wine friendly foods at home. Mostly it was with Italian foods like pizza, pasta, spaghetti etc, as also with quintessential Indian foods like mutton kebab and chicken tikka. And it was all so delicious šŸ˜‹.

Here are few photos with explanatory captions.


Spaghetti and wine on the kitchen shelf


Homemade pizza with wine

Spaghetti Again

Spaghetti again with Australian wine


Attempting Homemade bruschetta with white wine

Chicken Fritters

Wine for two please with chicken fritters

Yourā€™s Truly

Myself trying a hand at cooking

Mutton Kebab

Succulent Mutton kebabs with wine

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka with wine


Even trying chocolate with wine

One for the Beach Encouraged by some wonderful food and wine pairings above, we also got a bit adventurous and tried out some pairings at our wine picnic by the sea.

Spread laid out for the wine picnic

Towards end, i exhort all of you to also try out pairing dishes made at home with wines of your choice. And do not forget to share the recipes of the same. Cheers šŸ„‚

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