Slit, Stuff and Bake

Write about your most epic baking or cooking fail.

Hasselback is a style that originated at a restaurant in Sweden called Restaurant Hasselbacken, where they made small lateral slits in a potato and stuffed them with bacon and cheese.

Hasselback Slits. Image: Google.

This unique dish, delicious to the core, soon garnered attention of food critics and became quite popular. These days many other things are also cut in Hasselback style like apples, radish and even chicken.

Hasselback Chicken. Image: Google.

Hasselback Chicken is made by making slits in the chicken breasts and stuffing these with ingredients of like spinach, cheese of choice, potato etc before keeping it inside the oven to bake.

Slit, Stuff and Bake To an amateur cook like me, this dish seemed quite easy to make. The thought of pairing it with a white wine was an added encouragement. And so I decided to give it a try. After all it’s just about a slit here and a stuff there before putting it into the oven, I reckoned.

Epic Culinary Disaster What came out of the oven was not not less than a culinary disaster. Although it was palatable, but not delicious as it seems in the pictures. Certainly not a decent pair with wine.

So that was the brief story of my most epic cooking and baking fail. But as Winston Churchill said “Failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts”. I’m surely going to give it a retry soon.

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