Belle Epoque

The period of about three decades after the end of Franco Prussian war in 1871 was a time of peace and prosperity in France. This was, as brought in previous post, “The Belle Epoque”. And champagne, which had already established itself as a celebration drink, further flourished during this time. As author Henry Vizetelly in 1882 quoted in his book ‘A History of Champagne’…

“We cannot open a railway, launch a vessel, inaugurate a public edifice, start a newspaper, entertain a distinguished foreigner, invite a leading politician, celebrate an anniversary.. without a banquet, and hence without the aid of champagne, which at the present day, is the obligatory adjunct of all such repast”

But alas, happy times were soon to end with outbreak of World War I in 1918, which in turn brought peculiar challenges for champagne. Which however, as we will see in future posts, brought the best out of the Champenois.

Also note in the quoted text the mention about pillars of modernity viz railways, ships, newspapers, public buildings – late 19th century was certainly in midst of the Industrial Revolution and this helped champagne too – we will see how in future posts.

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