Harro Wine Festival

Arrival of summer is traditionally celebrated in Spain with a month of fiestas, music and sport. Harro Wine Festival is one such event which is celebrated in June each year in Rioja region and involves a “Batalla de Vino” or the Battle of Wine. It begins on the night of June 28, when people ofContinue reading “Harro Wine Festival”

Wine Day Calendar

Each year certain days are earmarked as the Varietal Wine Days. Some of these are officially designated whereas others are celebrated through a popular consensus . Such specific wine days assume much importance since there are a whole lot of activities planned around the particular varietal and this generally enjoys a  pan world character. A hostContinue reading “Wine Day Calendar”

World Wine Production 2017

World Wine Production in MHL World wine production in 2017 had been a historic low at 256.7 MHL Extreme weather events – from frost to drought – especially in Europe significantly impacted 2017 wine production, which has been historically low at 246.7 mhl – fall of 8.2% compared with 2016 Italy has once again beenContinue reading “World Wine Production 2017”

Wine Barrel Race in Italy

Barrel Race is traditionally a rodeo event. But in Italy it takes a different form (in many wine regions like montepulciano) where men replace the horses and lift / push wine barrels up to the finish line This event, held on the last Sunday of August, when barrels are being emptied in preparation for theContinue reading “Wine Barrel Race in Italy”

When ‘Food’ pairs well with ‘Wine’

There are times, when you come across a cuisine, which either introduces you for the first time, to the much aclaimed thrill of a good ‘food – wine’ pairing or reinforces your belief in the same.. Here’s one such one. The Italian dish in the frame is named ‘Tomino’ and is ‘Greek cheese & sauteedContinue reading “When ‘Food’ pairs well with ‘Wine’”

Learning from your Wine Mistakes

Through this post I wish to drive home the following lesson about wines..or shall i say about ‘wine and food pairing’ to be precise. And that is ..”Learn from your mistakes” During my early days of learning wines i was lucky to receive a timely advice from the Indian wine maestro – ‘the wineguyindia’. AndContinue reading “Learning from your Wine Mistakes”

A Day Filled with Surprise

It was a day filled with surprises. Picked out from the bucket wish list was ‘The Pasta Bowl Company’ which became the venue for our family outing – a mini reunion of sorts since son came down from Jaipur (hostel) and we two from the emerald islands (Andamans). Going by standard yardstick of ‘”white wineContinue reading “A Day Filled with Surprise”

4 Basic Wine Elements

When I was doing my wine course, my instructor had said – “remember these four basic elements in a wine – if these are present then the wine will have the potential to age”. His words since got imprinted on my wine memory. Today, I feel happy to share these with everyone in form ofContinue reading “4 Basic Wine Elements”

Coravin Screw Caps

Coravin is the magical contraption that allows you to draw wine from a bottle without opening the cork. This way you can pour limited portion of wine without worrying that the balance will go bad. Certainly an oeonological boon, is it not ? However, can Coravin be used for screw cap wine bottles as wellContinue reading “Coravin Screw Caps”