Special Day for a Special Wine

‘Wineglitz’ does act as an online paparazzi at times, especially if it involves international celebrities and a prestigious wine. Wine and Glitz must be reported, I say !! On their 19th wedding anniversary, star couple David and Victoria Beckham enjoyed a celebratory meal over a vintage bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1990 in Paris. BothContinue reading “Special Day for a Special Wine”

Wine and the French Revolution

Alcohol has been an integral part of the social, economic, cultural and political fabric of nations throughout history. Often all these have converged and led to landmark events in history of nations where alcohol played an important catalyst. French Revolution is one such striking example. The French Revolution The French Revolution was a period ofContinue reading “Wine and the French Revolution”

Run up to the Bastille Day

Bastille Day, which falls on 14th July, commemorates the storming of Bastille fort by revolutionaries in France in 1789. Over next few posts I will be bringing out how WINE was a major catalyst in events leading up to the French revolution and beyond, so do watch this space. As of now lets admire thisContinue reading “Run up to the Bastille Day”