From Novice to a Wine Connoisseur

What’s the trait you value most about yourself?

Hard work has been the trait which I value most in myself.

Glamour of Wines On face of it the wine industry seems to be a fun place to be. Things like Wine Soirées, Blind Tastings, Wine Movies etc add a lot of glamour it.

Wine is a Glamorous Industry Image: Editorialist

Studying Wines However if you are a student of wine then it’s totally a different world. One where you not only need to pursue it as a subject and even pass exams but also endeavour to upgrade your knowledge consistently. And all this requires hard work.

Passing Exams For me the wine journey started with clearing the WSET 1 exam after which I also did my WSET 2 and even WSET 3 in a quick success. Anyone conversant with the wine world will vouch for the fact that these exams are not easy. They require grit and determination to sail through.

Wine Study requires hard work. Image: Forbes

Hard Work is the Key Personally I’ve been able to achieve success in wine exams and consistently build up my wine knowledge all through these years by sheer hard work.

Become a Wine Connoisseur. Image:

From Novice to a Connoisseur So my advise to all of those who are in the same boat will be to always keep working hard and be consistent in putting your best efforts to learn about wines. If you do this then you will soon become a connoisseur of wines. Cheers !!

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