Achievement and Accolades

In what ways does hard work make you feel fulfilled?

The hard work put in by me makes me feel fulfilled by the positive results it generates. Besides quantified results, such hard work done also fills me with a sense of achievement, happiness and pride on a job well done.

Let me explain this with a real life example.

During the MBA course I selected a rather unusual topic for my lecture presentation which was titled “Drivers of rapid growth of wine industry in India.

Presenting my Research Work

I call it unusual since there weren’t any major studies existing on this topic in India at that time, which made my research very challenging. It called for a lot of hard work.

Fully determined to make a note worthy presentation I decided to put in my best efforts.

The methodology involved extensive study and analysis of the existing reading material on the subject (Secondary research) as also interacting with winemakers and prominent people in the Indian Wine Industry (Primary research).

An additional challenge was that the jury to which I had to present my work, also had amongst its members, academicians from the western countries who were well conversant with the subject of wines.

Finally my my presentation went of very well. I was also able to answer with confidence all the questions posed by the eminent members of the jury. The research work later got published in a book also.

The above is a personal example of how hard work put in by me not only brought me accolades and appreciation but also filled me with a sense of achievement and fulfilment.

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