The Warres – One of the Great Port Families

My preferred wine flight in any wine dinner is one which starts with a sparkling wine and ends with a Sweet wine or a Sherry or better still (and preferably) a Port, interspersed with other reds, whites and roses in between. So it was a happy occasion for me when the wines were served exactly in this sequence in a recent wine event at Bangalore in Southern India.

Wine flight starting with Prosecco and finishing with Warre’s Port

In this post however, I shall only talk about the last wine which caught my fancy – The Warre’s Port. It was served with the dessert which was a sweet choco cake as seen in the picture.

Warre’s Heritage Port

It was a perfect combination, meeting the text book thumb rule of pairing a dessert with wine which states that “the wine should be sweeter than the dessert”. It indeed was and pleasurably so.

The Warres

Founded in 1670, Warre’s is the oldest British Port House in Portugal and has remained a family-owned company throughout its long history. It continues to remains unmatched in its contribution to both Port and Portugal.

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One of the scions of the family William Warre fought as an officer against Napoleon under the Duke of Wellington, who he also kept supplied with Port.

Presently the Symington family, who are the 5th generation Port producers, are managing Warre’s for over 100 years now and continue to carry forward the rich legacy of this iconic Port house.

Warre Vineyards – the company has its three main estates: Quinta da Cavadinha, Quinta do Retiro Antigo and Quinta da Telhada. In addition, it also takes grapes from other vineyards which are now the property of the Symington family.

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Warre’s Heritage Port – which is the protagonist Port of this article, is produced from Warre’s finest estate properties in Portugal’s Douro Valley and has aromas and flavours of luscious red fruits and has a good structure. This wine is aged for an average of three years in seasoned oak barrels before being blended, filtered and bottled. For me this Ruby Port proved to be a perfect finale of an exceptional wine flight that evening, and I’m sure others too relished it’s rich flavour profile and pairing with the dessert.

The Ruby Port was a perfect pair with the dessert

Over Coffee is the name of the lounge in central Bangalore, where this 5 course wine dinner was organised.

Chef Abhijit Sah explaining about the wines and the paired dishes at Over Coffee lounge

They have a great team which conducted the evening exceedingly well with a practiced ease, which left the guests happy and looking forward to more of such wine events in future.

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