My name is Marius, Marius Chapoutier

My name is Marius, Marius Chapoutier » sounds akin to the famous tag line of Mr Bond, however this was said by Mr Marius, the gentlemen seen on the label of the eponymous wine, many scores before Ian Flemming even conceived the idea of 007. He uttered it as a young boy, quite innocuously as an answer to a “Who are you ?”

Well, this boy grew up to establish the M Charpoutier wine house in 1897. Those were heady times of Belle Epoque in France. A period of peace marked by prosperity, festivity, celebration and a carefree spirit which got inculcated into his wines as well and which has continued till the present day.

Marius Terret Vermentino is not only a wine made by amazing grape varietals from southern France but it also conveys the same light and carefree feel prevalent during the time the wine house was founded. It has a light, casual and easy drinking vibe to it.

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