Grover Zampa Vineyards – Unfolding of a wine revolution

Ravi Viswanathan, the chairman of Grover Zampa Vineyards has revealed his plans to transform the company into a multi-faceted, modern, diversified, globally competitive and a sustainable wine business. Ravi has made the road map for the same and also infused a lot funds into the company through private equity route.

Whereas the plans are ambitious and tick all the requisite boxes however much would depend on a time bound and efficient execution on ground by duly surmounting the numerous obstacles likely to be encountered in a yet wine neutral country like ours.

There would be a need to initiate simultaneous measures to achieve success. For example the creation of a vast wine tourism infrastructure and assets would need simultaneous creation of an enabling ecosystem to promote wine tourism so that people visit such facilities in large numbers throughout the year.

Similarly, increasing production capacity by adding more number wineries would require an inclusive and sustainable partnership with the grape growers.

A good start has been made by the company in identifying the self deliverables and infusion of funds but how the plan unfolds on ground is the most critical part. I’m sure with all his experience, knowledge, ambition and passion backing him, Ravi would execute it perfectly.

And if all goes well as planned it would not be short of a revolution in the Indian wine industry unfolding right in front of our eyes.

Wineglitz extends best wishes to Ravi Viswanathan in his endeavours to take Indian wine industry to the next level.

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