National Vintage Report: Wine Australia

Wine Australia’s annual vintage report 2018 has been released. The report is produced on behalf of the wine sector based on survey data collected across all winegrowing regions in Australia.


As per the report, Australia’s winegrape crush in 2018 has been 1.79 million tonnes. This is lower than previous year’s figure which stood at 1.99 million tonnes however it is above the long-term average of 1.76 million tonnes.

On a more pisituve note, the average purchase price for winegrapes increased by 8 per cent to $609 per tonne, the highest level since 2008.

Australian Vignerons Chief Executive Officer Anna Hooper welcomed the increase in price per tonne and hopes to see the trend continue in order to ensure the sustainable pricing for winegrapes in the longer term as the recognition of Australia’s wine quality proposition continues to grow.

The National Vintage Report is based on a survey of winemakers conducted in May–June 2018. Responses were received from more than 400 businesses, including all wineries known to crush more than 10,000 tonnes, and they are estimated to account for 85 per cent of all winegrapes crushed in 2018.

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