The Shared Destiny With My Computer

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

My Computer

My computer occupies a small space along the front wall of my office next to the entrance door. Sometimes I feel we both have shared a destiny in the sense that at times there is an excessive work load on us and and yet at other times we vile away our time without any productivity.

My office work demands a heavy dependence on the computer mainly for making power point presentations. But besides that it remains mostly idle.

During off office hours, I also use it for creative work like making video clips and snippets on the theme of wine. Here’s one such creative I made recently. It’s titled Madeira’s Connect With American Independence.

Click to play in enlarged view

To sum up, both my official and personal work depends on my computer so I cannot imagine a life without it.

Hope you like the video clip. Cheers!!

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