Life and Passion

What details of your life could you pay more attention to?

I’ve come to realise that the daily prompts given by WordPress are mostly personal. This leads to twin challenges for me. First, being somewhat reserved, I feel bit uncomfortable in opening up to the world at large and second is that I try to relate each prompt to my blog theme which is wines, which becomes difficult at times. Nevertheless, as a blogger and a writer, I accept these challenges with a smile.

Today’s prompt too I shall cover in two parts, personal and my wine passion.

Personal Life As I near 54th year of my life, I feel I should pay more attention to slowing down and become more calm, composed and focussed. It primarily means ironing out my weaknesses and moving from strength to strength. I need to ensure that I’m a pillar of strength for my family. I need to put in efforts to stay physically fit and mentally alert and live life with hope, enthusiasm and love with my near ones. (Today its like I’m writing a diary entry).

The Wine Life

The Wine Life As concerning my passion for wines and spirits, I need to pay more attention to acquiring advanced knowledge and further honing my oenological skills. I also need to build a community of wine lovers with a similar level of passion as me. Cheers !!

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