An occasional glass of wine

What things give you energy?

Interesting prompt which made me introspect. After due thought I feel that the things which give me energy are :

Tea Each day kick starts with a cup of tea. Tea also fuels my mind during work.

Nature Taking rays of the early morning sun on my face, feeling the freshness of the air of a new day, sitting in a garden, all such activities energise me.

Food Work and other daily chores often make us tired. A good meal is the best source of energy to feel revitalised.

Exercise This is mainly in form of walking either early morning or in evenings.

Rest A cat nap in the afternoon re-energises the body for rest of the day.

Family time Spending quality time with family is invigorating.

Content Creation Any creative activity whether it’s writing a blog post or creative YouTube video is very refreshing.

A glass of wine An occasional glass of wine, mostly on weekends, helps to rewind and re-energise.

A glass of wine in weekends with family

Cheers !!

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