The Wine Snob

What personality trait in people raises a red flag with you?

Image from “The New Yorker Book Of Wine Cartoons”

When you get introduced to the world of wines, you usually get conversant with certain basics elements of wine. You learn about wine terms like Tannins, Acidity etc as also about things like how to hold a glass (from its stem), how to go about tasting a wine and in general about the wine etiquette.

Whereas all such wine knowledge enables us to enjoy the wine however quite often we get carried away and starts focusing more on the technical details rather than relishing the wine in the glass.

With some people, such wine behaviour becomes an obsession. They feels pride in displaying their wine knowledge by intelligent wine descriptions or even in wine mannerisms like sniffing and swirling the wine glass. This is acceptable if done within limits and with the right intention of appreciating the wine.

However, if such a personality trait leads anyone to look down upon other wine drinkers or if he or she endeavours to belittle others or try to make them feel inferior, then it surely raises a red flag with me.

And I react by keeping a safe distance from any such wine snob.

Hope you concur with my thoughts shared above. Now I’m also eagerly looking forward to reading your answers too, on today’s prompt. Cheers !!

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20 thoughts on “The Wine Snob

  1. There are certainly many wine ( food, fashion, car) snobs. It’s a boast of knowledge, possession and values. However, in their whining, you see through them, and the readers either pick what they wish to learn, or ignore. We have choices, within our comfort zones. I prefer to sip my wine with friends. There is then no occasion to inflate the ego. In the calmed state, good to surrender the ego, to undress the burden of daily living.It is therefore not how much one consumes, or the cost of wine. The anti oxidant for the body, mind and spirit. Cheers for posting!

    1. Don’t give up on wines yet, try some more maybe some good ones at your favourite bar or restaurant. I’m sure you will appreciate a good wine once you come across it.

  2. I totally agree. A good wine is one you like. A really good wine is one you like so much that you buy it again. Funny. I know a woman here who says she will not drink a wine priced below $60. Anyone who shops by price alone is the lawful prey of someone willing to sell you something of lesser quality for a premium price.

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