Tambola and Wine

How do you relax?

Let’s face it, work can leave you exhausted and occasionally you need to unwind. For me this happens during the club night on each Saturday where I relax with a glass or two of some good wine while indulging in a game of Tambola.

Tambola, which is believed to have originated in Southern Italy during the 1500s, can be very interesting and sometimes addictive too. Usually I play only one game (also called as a House), and for remaining evening I just relish my wine.

Although this game was invented in Italy but my usual wine to go with it is one from South Africa called as Pinotage, which is also their signature wine.

Pouring myself a glass of Pinotage

This red wine was created in 1925 as a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsaut. It is a fruit forward and an easy to drink wine which at times also shows notes of tropical fruits like banana.

Sometimes the club management also organises some singing and music, which adds to the fun.

The singing duo

So that’s my answer to today’s prompt – I relax with a game of Tambola with some wine on weekends. Looking forward to hearing about your idea of relaxing too. Cheers.

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