A Wine Picnic in an Island

Share a story about the furthest you’ve ever traveled from home.

The Emerald Islands – Andaman and Nicobar

Farthest I have ever travelled from home is the Andaman & Nicobar Islands in India. And today I share a story about how we went about organising a family wine picnic at the ocean side.

Wine Picnic

Although Port Blair, the capital city of these Islands, is well connected by air, however it still takes almost six hours and at times a flight hop, to reach there from New Delhi, our hometown. But once you land there, it’s a different world altogether and a paradise for someone like us who love nature.

It has pristine beaches with turquoise waters, hills, a string of smaller islands and the forest in its north which is home to Jarawa, the indigenous tribal community living in their native lifestyle since last 40,000 years.

Wine, Music and the Ocean

We stayed there for three wonderful years, exploring all the nooks and corners of the islands. The only constraint was the practical non existent wine culture. With only one Indian and one Australian wine brand available locally, it became difficult for me to pursue my passion for wines. And this led us to plan something we could easily do – a wine picnic at the ocean side.

We had discovered this resort on a high cliff facing the Andaman sea which also had a walking trail leading down to the rocky beach. A perfect setting for a picnic.

Wine photography

Wine, Music, Photography Besides the wonderful family time, the picnic setting also allowed us to indulge in our passions wherein our son created and recorded music, I practiced taking some wine photos and my bride curating the picnic spread. Altogether wonderful memories created.

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