WSET Level 3 : Pass with Merit

What brings a tear of joy to your eye?

Men of my generation are not made up to display their emotions openly, both by nature and upbringing, and I’m no different. So whereas there might not have been occasions which brought a literal tear of joy in my eyes, however I in recent days I have experienced immense happiness in watching my son doing well in his job and in his life as a whole.

If I relate today’s prompt with the theme of my blog which is wines, I can say that I was almost in tears of joy when I received my WSET Level 3 Certificate in Wines and Spirits with Pass with Merit printed on it.

WSET Level 3 Award

Anyone pursuing wines as a subject fully knows the kind of hard work one has to put in to achieve this milestone. And the fact that I was not from the hospitality or the wine industry background made it even more challenging.

So yes, in my wine journey, achieving the WSET Level 3 certification brought me near to tears of joy.

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Wines, Real Estate and Art are three things which I’m passionate about. A Masters degree in Real Estate Management and a WSET Level 3 in wines help me in this journey.

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    This is how we grow. Thank you so much Greetings from the south of
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