Lucy’s Italian Movie and the Grape Stomping Scene

What TV shows did you watch as a kid?

Popular TV series called “I Love Lucy”

If you’re in early 50s, you will surely remember the fun you had watching various episodes of the popular TV series called I Love Lucy. It was a comedy show in black and white format. And that used to be the TV show I loved watching as a kid amongst others like Star Wars, Bharat Ek Khoj, Ramayan etc.

Well it appears that Lucille Ball who played the character of Lucy in the series also had a tryst with wine or winemaking to be precise.

Grape stomping scene featuring Lucille Ball

In the famous 1956 episode called as Lucy’s Italian Movie, Ball, hoping to bag a role in the film (which she mistakenly assumes is about Italian winemaking) ends up stomping grapes in a huge vat.

According to The International Wine & Food Society, her fellow actress inside the same vat, didn’t speak English and when it came time for their staged fight – she didn’t understand that the fight was supposed to be fake and a real fight ensued inside the vat between the two actresses, about which Ball would later say that “I almost died drowning in the grapes”.

Lucille Ball in a grape stomping vat

In Ball’s own words “Once the (filming of) fight started, the lady was bent on drowning me. At one point, she literally held my head underwater, and I had to fight to get my breath back”.

Sources: the images and story has been referenced from many articles on the topic though google incl, IWFS, Reddit, etc.

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