The Sun Is New Each Day

What’s your favorite time of day?

Each morning as I open the doors of the house I stand there for a few moments to soak in the whiff of fresh air and the warmth of the sun, which is so refreshing.

Garden chairs

Luckily our present house has a beautiful garden where I sit along with my better half and between the sips of the morning tea we immerse ourselves in the beautiful sights and sounds of the morning. The chirping of the birds, the huge banana tree swaying with the breeze, sun flowers arching towards the sun and butterflies descending on the flowers to drink the nectar are some of nature’s wonders at this hour of the day. So wonderful.

Photo just clicked for thus blogpost

It is also the time the mind is fresh and I feel motivated to write something, a blogpost maybe or simply answering to the daily prompts by Jets. Writing in the morning is so therapeutic. The title quote by Heraclitus i.e the sun is new each day brings out fully the essence of my post today.

Yes, the early morning is my favourite time of the day.

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  1. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. I also like sunrise in the morning. I usually stay near the garden of the owner of the apartment we’re renting. It’s good that she’s nice and let us stay and walk our dogs there.

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