The Joys of Creative Writing

What do you enjoy most about writing?

It is said or rather I personally believe that you get pleasure out of writing something twice. Once it is when you finish writing it, which gives a feeling contentment and achievement. And the second time is when you read it yourself soon after you have completed writing it – in my case this gives me a lot of happiness and I often reel in self praise of having written something very well to the best of my capability.

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Well if that sounds amusing then do share your own views about this in the comments as also if you share the same thought as I mentioned in preceding paragraph.

Coming back to the prompt and having given a thought to it, I can say that the following are the things which I enjoy the most about writing:

1. Sense of Achievement I relish the sense of achieving something great once I finish writing. It’s almost like being relived of the project or task of writing which I had taken on myself.

2. Research I love the research work which I do to learn more about the theme about which Im writing. One one hand this helps me in writing confidently whereas on the the other, such research adds immensely to my knowledge.

3. Reading it Myself I As brought earlier, I love re-reading myself whatever I have written. This gives me a feeling of contentment especially when I’ve been able to write in a concise and easy to understand manner.

Besides above, I also feel happy if people read my post on WordPress and give it a ‘like’ or engage me with a comment. I mean we all love the views/ likes/ comments on our posts, don’t we ? 😊

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12 thoughts on “The Joys of Creative Writing

  1. When I read my finished post. I always change a word here or there to better say what I mean. Editing words and thoughts is also a delight. It’s like painting; you put the final touch on the work.

  2. Concur one hundred percent on your ‘creative writing’ statements. You may find it interesting, but I associate ‘creative writing’ urges with accelerated oxygenation. All my books on Amazon (most digital eBooks) but 2 recent Paperbacks, are all born during the exertion of climbing, hiking? I guess that is when the human sensory system is heightened, right? Recommend the Paperback: Picketpost Mountain Affair, especially. Cheers.

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