The Emotion of Excitement

What positive emotion do you feel most often?

I would say that these days the one positive emotion I feel the most is : excitement. Let me elaborate more in following paragraphs.

A happy me, excited about future wine pursuits

Well feeling excited may not fall under the category of common emotions such as happiness, gratitude etc but I’m calling it so since my excitement is about perceived happy days in times to come, and so in many ways it is positive emotion for me.

An impending job change can be a source of concern, but for me it’s exciting since its an opportunity for me to look forward to greener pastures ahead which include staying in metro city, more quality time with family and of course avenues to pursue my passion for wines more dedicatedly.

To sum up, a healthy excitement about future is the positive emotion I feel most often these days.

Looking forward to hearing from others too. Cheers.

Published by mukulmanku

Wines, Real Estate and Art are three things which I’m passionate about. A Masters degree in Real Estate Management and a WSET Level 3 in wines help me in this journey.

3 thoughts on “The Emotion of Excitement

  1. Awesome blog post brother Mukulmanku. Firstly, it is scarce these days online to find a blog about wines and yours hit the nail on the head. I am not much of a wine lover but I do love beverages such as Cold drinks🍶

    Lastly, I am happy for you that you are about to experience happy days. Good and God bless. Keep blogging🙏🙏💯

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