Creativity has a vibration which never dies

Today WordPress notified and congratulated me on crossing 10,000 all time views on my blog site Wineglitz.

Although this is just a milestone in any blogger/ writer’s journey but I do confess to a sense of achievement in reaching this far.

This also takes my mind back to the time I started this blog site way back in 2014 and the initial phase which was quite a bumpy ride. Due to some unavoidable reasons and even unnecessary ones I permanently deleted the first version of this site.

As remorse of losing my writings and posts sunk in, I approached WordPress for help. Well they could not revive my deleted website from their servers but they did help me with opening a new site with similar name and re-instating many of my deleted blog posts, though not all of them.

Sometime later I again accidentally deleted many of my posts as I thought that these were draft versions. Sad moments again 🥲.

But those unfortunate things are just old memories now, not forgotten though. It did teach me a valuable lesson which I share with you all today and that is as mentioned below:

Never ever destroy anything you create, whether it is a piece of writing, music, or whatever in your field of creativity.

On a quantum philosophy viewpoint also, anything you create comes in this universe with its own vibrations and these never die.

In end, thanks to all of you who have been following and reading my posts on this site and your likes, comments and encouraging words. Cheers.

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Wines, Real Estate and Art are three things which I’m passionate about. A Masters degree in Real Estate Management and a WSET Level 3 in wines help me in this journey.

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