Story of Ariana – the Sommelier from future who won’t give up

Prompt : Describe your life in an alternate universe.

In an alternate universe I’m Richards the owner of the largest wine conglomerate in the year 2070, practically owning all of worlds vineyards. But there’s a pressing problem – the climate change has taken a disastrous dimension with all vines are at verge of extinction due to the excessive hot weather.

My hopes are pinned on Ariana – the leading sommelier of my company. She is extremely passionate about wines and moreover is a technology buff. And she has a plan to save the vineyards from destruction – it’s Time Travel, she tells me quite matter-of-factly. I have no option but to agree to her fantastical plan of action.

Ariana: the sommelier from the alternate universe

It would be much later that she would tell me as to how she travelled back in time to year 2040 in a time machine made by a rebel scientist. The earth is already reeling under global warming and the plant life including vineyards are dying.

Not a person to give up, Ariana motivated and trains the wine growers in sustainability measures in vineyards like water management and reviving sturdy vines from past. And ultimately her efforts pay off and the vineyards start becoming healthy.

As she returned back from 2040 to 2070 after saving the wine industry, I arranged a hearty welcome for her for her stellar work. To commemorate the occasion I open a bottle of my own company’s champagne from the year 2040 from my cellar and raised a toast.

I wake up next morning thinking it was all a dream. But as I look outside the window, I find all the vineyards lush green and healthy. Maybe it was all true. Maybe I was in an alternate universe.

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