Alexa, open the wine finder

So you shelled out a couple of grands to buy that bottle of wine and its already in your refrigerator. The day to open it has arrived, but hey wait a minute, what about the food to go with the wine?

Now, you have always heard about the complex rules of food and wine pairing. For starters though, “Red wine with red meat and white wine with white meat” is the most bankable mantra. But you wish you knew more… which white wine with which all white meats and so for the reds? It’s certainly complicated – isn’t it?

Well no more. ‘Alexa Skill Wine Finder’ is now here – your personal Sommelier in your mobile phone. How cool is that? The app comes loaded with 500 different types of food and the right wine to go with these. Once enabled, you can say things like “What wine goes with pizza?” and get a suggested answer.

Now, if you already are a wine connoisseur then most likely there would not be any suggestions which you are not already aware of… though reputedly it is known to spring out pleasant surprises too like a Chianti (Italian red wine) with a heavy tomato based pizza – and that’s exciting, is it not ? And if you are new to wines then the app will certainly be useful to you – as your wine friendly Raju Guide !!

Also, if you have Alexa app installed on your phone then it goes everywhere with you, even to the wine restaurant. So the next time you feel bogged down by the Sommelier’s seemingly complex (or too basic sometimes) wine and food pairing suggestions then you just have to say “Alexa, open the wine finder” !!

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Wines, Real Estate and Art are three things which I’m passionate about. A Masters degree in Real Estate Management and a WSET Level 3 in wines help me in this journey.

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